Administration Services for Retirement Plans

Client Centered

Don’t let the tedious administrative aspects of retirement plans prevent you from offering plans to your clients. Setting up retirement plans can be time consuming and challenging to understand. There is an incredible level of detail involved even before you begin onboarding participants. It’s important to know exactly what you are responsible for and what your TPA will cover. After all, you and your administration team will be serving your client together.

We consider retirement plans an important benefit, not a burden. Your client (and you) shouldn’t have to be concerned with these tedious administrative details but instead focus on how to maximize the opportunity a retirement plan presents.

Tycor, a full-service independent firm, can help you exceed expectations with retirement programs for employees, ensuring the plan design meets your client’s objectives. We handle all of the administrative services so you can focus on delivering value with your clients’ investments. Our team of administrative professionals delivers personalized and responsive service, coordinated solutions, in addition to providing detail oriented compliance and administrative services in these areas:

  • Reviewing plan eligibility and performing non-discrimination testing
  • Testing plan compliance with all applicable federal regulations
  • Calculating employer contributions and confirming deductibility
  • Reconciling plan and participant accounts
  • Assessing and reviewing participant vesting
  • Preparing annual employer plan reports
  • Preparing annual employer government reports
  • Reviewing plan design annually
  • Providing employee account certificates (as required)
  • Creating plan document
  • Maintaining and amending plan document
  • Providing participant distribution and loan services
  • Reviewing and processing qualified domestic relations orders (QDRO)

What sets us apart is that pricing for our services is all-inclusive; we won’t quote a low up-front price and then ‘nickel-and-dime’ your clients with additional, hidden fees.

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