Partner Spotlight: Nationwide Financial

| October 14, 2019

Tycor Benefit Administrators, Inc.® works with financial advisors and a variety of record keepers to help design effective retirement programs. A recent case that chose to work with Tycor, also chose Nationwide as their record keeping partner.

I had brief discussion with the advisor and client to see what set Nationwide apart and led to the decision.  The fact that Nationwide integrated with their payroll provider was a huge plus and will help streamline data submission immensely. It was an especially important point since automatic enrollment was implemented with the move to Tycor and the advisor. Nationwide also supports the fulfillment of fee disclosures and other documentation, easing the client’s responsibilities in a methodical and reportable way.

The advisor was impressed with the broad range of available funds with competitive pricing, that allow them to fulfill their 3(21) responsibilities, on installation and in the future.  A big differentiator for the advisor was the availability of the “Fund Window” which allows participants to select additional funds beyond the core menu offered by the Plan. This was an important feature that allowed for several employees, who are centers of influence at the firm, to really support the move.

The transition went smoothly, and the plan emerged from blackout early. Several payrolls have been processed through the integrated process and the sponsor has been thrilled with these results.

Tycor was honored to assist the advisor with the search and is pleased that together, we will service this plan for years to come. If you’d like to work with us on your next plan, please contact me at or (610) 251-0670 and I’d be happy to help conduct a thorough search of qualified providers.