Resources for Financial Advisors and Plan Sponsors

As your TPA, we believe that we can grow our business by helping you grow yours. To help equip you in your endeavors, we have created marketing materials to assist you when meeting with your existing and prospective clients. Please note that it is the responsibility of each individual financial advisor to obtain the necessary compliance approval on all marketing pieces prior to use.

Our most popular resource we provide for financial advisors is our 401(k) Sales Champion Workshop©. We offer it to financial advisors all throughout the nation for no cost! Get all the preparation you need, armed with the information that plan sponsors need most, by signing up for this free workshop.

Download these Free Resources

Tycor Key Plan Provisions

We have put together the attached chart to help summarize key design considerations.  This resource will enable you to optimally assist your clients or prospects with their design decision. 

2024 IRS Limitations

The IRS has announced changes to the Cost-of-Living Adjustment (COLA) for 2024. The attached PDF provides the 2023 and 2024 IRS Cost of Living Limitations, in addition to HSA/HDHP limits.

Retirement Readiness Advisor Tool
Check the retirement plan progress for every participant of your retirement plan. Reports include charts breaking down participants on/off track, individual snapshots, and a plan listing of all active participants.

Cash Balance/401(k) Combination Plan Flyer
Illustrate to your clients the effectiveness of maximizing tax deductible retirement deposits through cash balance and 401(k) combination plans for professional practices.

Traditional vs. Roth Deferrals Flyer
Show your clients the considerations surrounding traditional pre-tax vs. Roth after-tax contributions.

Our third-party administration brochure highlights all Tycor Benefit Administrators has to offer to a plan sponsor throughout the process of designing and implementing a retirement program.

Thank You Letter
Thank clients or prospective clients for taking the time to meet with you and offer any other services they may be interested in. We also have a wallet-size reference card for the IRS Cost of Living Limitations as well as presentation materials available to present a specific plan to your clients. Please contact us for these materials and for any other needs you may have.

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