401(k) Sales Champion Workshop┬ę

If you’re ready to launch your 401(k) business as a financial advisor, you’ve come to the right place. As your third-party administrator, we equip advisors for success. When your business grows, our business grows!

Here’s how the 401(k) Sales championship Workshop will help you grow your business:

Confidence. Going through this workshop will help you confirm that 401(k) and other group retirement plans is a market you want to pursue. This workshop will also outline exactly what level of commitment it will require to achieve your goals.

Preparation. You’ll be equipped to answer the two big questions every plan sponsor has: Why should they allow you to work with them and their employees? Why is your recommendation better than what they have now?

Focus. Utilizing workshop tools, you’ll be armed with what you need to build a business plan and develop a strategy to achieve your long-term goals.

Three Levels to 401(k) Sales

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The workshop consists of 36 video segments outlined in a 7-step process, designed to assist advisors in the following stages of their careers:

Launch. New to the retirement plan sale? Regardless of years of service in financial sales, retirement plans are entirely different. In this level you’ll find out how to get started and how to go about contacting current relationships about their company plan.

Grow. Advisors with existing plans (<20) acquired primarily through relationships with decision makers. You realize the power of group plans and want to put forward a proactive effort to acquire new plans, as well as improve acquisition and retention processes.

Improve. For advisors who specialize in group retirement plan sales or are responsible for professional development of team members, this workshop can serve as a business improvement resource.

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